Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Cut

The combination of spring warmth and rain has left me with thick lush grass in my yard. I should have cut the grass last weekend, but I just didn't get it done. So yesterday afternoon I set myself to that task. I always enjoy the first mow of the year. Everything is lush and green and the smell is amazing. First, of course, JT had to collect his stick collection from all over the yard and store it safely away. That task accomplished, I set to work.
This early in spring, things are changing daily. My lilac is in bud, about to spread its scent so that we smell it each morning when we step onto the porch. My hydrangea bushes are covered in small green buds that look promising. The dogwood tree has its first few flowers. And the lush row of hostas lined up against the garage seem to grow larger every day. The grape arbor is old and takes its time turning green. But, as I cut the grass around each of my new fruit trees I saw that they are beginning to bud and blossom.
My garden patch is ready for planting and this weekend, I will start my vegetable garden and put out some rows of zinnia for summer enjoyment. There is still some time before fresh tomatoes will grace my table, but the promise is there.

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