Tuesday, December 23, 2008


When I was in the 2nd grade and living in northern California, my grandmother came to visit and we went to San Francisco to enjoy the sights of the city at Christmas. So it seemed only fair to continue the tradition more than 30 years later.

The city this time around is New York. The scenes: Rockefeller Center's Christmas tree and Santa at Macy's on Herald Square. And did I mention the biggest cold spell of the season? The temperature was below 20 degrees as we set off on the city-bound train Monday morning. JT's Grandma is a California native and not used to temperatures below 40, let alone below 20. But she had a warm coat and gloves and we hooked her up with a hat and a fleecy scarf. She was quite the trooper.

We saw the tree and walked around to view the windows uptown.
We braved the crowds at Macys....
....and patiently waited to see Santa.
Once we were in Santa's innner sanctum, JT gave a shy smile and let the man in red know that he'd like some Playmobil toys.
A most lovely way to spend the day.

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Shelley said...

Looks fabulous!

We're looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, and I think Tama may be checking in w/ you for some last-minute hintage today.