Saturday, December 27, 2008

Real Life Conversations with JT: Poor Service Edition

The backstory: The grandparents recently reminded me of a time years ago when my family was in NYC and had ordered supper at a restaurant. Service was slow and then the waitress appeared at our table to explain that the chef had quit. JT was tickled by the story and kept asking his grandparents to repeat it. On Friday, after we'd all been outside to do some yard work, I made lunch. JT served as the waiter, taking sandwich orders and then delivering the plates to the diners. After all the orders had been served up, as he was taking his own plate to the table, he announced, "I quit." We all laughed. After lunch, he and I had the following conversation:

Mama: JT, would the waiter please clear the dishes from the table?

JT: I quit. I can't do that.

He's turned the story into a game of his own.

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Nichole said...

I find it interesting that you did not post your response to his comment. My son would probably have gotten a, "Excuse me??? Would you like Mommy to quit???"