Monday, December 29, 2008

No Longer Taking My Calls

Over the weekend, my friend A and her cousin T joined us at Sassafras House to meet the parents and enjoy some post-Christmas cheer. My friend A has been my lifesaver on more than one occasion and regular readers will recall her cousin T from the bathroom re-tiling project earlier this month. Let's just say they are part of my (extensive) team of Jersey-based angels.

T is handy (and amazingly willing to help) so I asked her to bring a drill to hang the new outdoor clock that the Sassafras Sister gave me for Christmas. That project went off with out a hitch and looks great, ready for my summer back deck lounging pleasure:
Then T was also called into service to replace the toilet seat in the upstairs bathroom. The old seat suffered from a loose bolt and had become a pain in the backside (pun intended). It's not just any friend that you implore to help replace your toilet seat, of course. And it turns out that mine wasn't just any toilet seat. Affixed to the house since who knows when, the loose bolt on the seat was stuck. Thus, it could not be tightened to prevent the seat from moving. But neither could it be easily loosened to get a new seat on board.

Internet, I must apologize for inducing you to read about the toilet seat at my home. But imagine how much worse it would be for you if you were T, who not only had to hear about the toilet seat but got to fix it.

That entailed lying on the cold bathroom floor under the toilet. And while A suggested it wasn't the first night T had spent lying on a cold bathroom floor, we were all able to agree that it may have been her first time doing so while sober.

It took a lot of patience and more than an hour to loosen the bolts and replace the seat. T invoked very few swearwords, which is unheard of at this house when home improvement is on the agenda.

But now we have a new seat in the upstairs bathroom. One that doesn't move around. That's most happy.
And the cousins had their revenge by giving my family and I a complete drubbing in a new card game. So it wasn't a complete waste of an evening for A and T.

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