Friday, December 04, 2009

Elite, My Ass

I spent the day at the annual History teacher's conference at Princeton University.  The day featured a handful of notable historians talking about their latest projects.  As always, it was interesting and engaging; just the sort of thing that makes me really like what I do for a living.

But I must admit that I spent a good part of the day distracted by fear of personal injury.  The lectures occur in a large, old hall at the university; an auditorium called McCosh Hall.  The hall has lovely old wood student desks.  I sat on the north side of the hall and, as one might expect in a old building, the floor had a bit of a tilt.  Just enough of a tilt that sitting in the smooth wood desk meant a constant struggle to keep from sliding south on that slick chair and landing right on my bootie on the wood floor, where I would surely come across a splinter.

Next year, I'm wearing a velcro skirt.


Nichole said...

I picture Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon from the DaVinci Code lecturing you about Masons while you're sitting on those little grippy things that help you open jars and such so you don't fall out of the chair. :)

Shark Butt said...

You might want some kevlar mixed in with your velcro skirt to keep the splinters out of your bootie