Monday, December 07, 2009

Philosopher in Chief

Things have been crazy busy at my house and when I look at the calendar of events that lie ahead for the month, it's clear that busy will continue to be our theme.

JT and I spent some of our weekend trying to rest and refuel for the week ahead.  We decorated our Christmas tree, we played some games, we read some stories to one another, JT played outside.  But we also had less restful activities on our agenda (the endless piles of laundry, JT's homework, bathrooms to clean, groceries to buy, cat boxes to get the idea). 

This morning, as we piled our things in the car to face the first day of the week, I found myself wondering if the boy had  gotten enough downtime over the weekend.  He's got a bit of a stuffy nose; had his brain and body rested enough?  Was he ready for the week ahead?  I wasn't sure.

When we arrived at school, we paused in my classroom to review the list of things we need to do today.  And in that moment, JT sat on my lap and said, "You know, Mama, when I think about the whole world and me in it; me with this whole life of my own to live.  And millions of people just like me but not really like me at all.  It's just amazing to think about."

It fair took my breath away.  I'm still not sure that we're ready for the week ahead.  But I am sure that if I just follow his lead, the boy is ready for the life ahead.  This week, that will do quite nicely.


Shark Butt said...

He is a wise, wise soul. shimets

Shark Butt said...

shimets would be the word verification, not my new alias.

Paula said...

if you do not belive in reincarnation maybe you should think again....wise soul in the body of a 9 year old...a moment to treasure

Shelley said...

So amazing. That boy of yours? Total keeper, for sure.