Friday, December 11, 2009

Pesky Returns

Regular readers will recall that there is a very sassy squirrel who lives in my backyard, where he regularly taunts my cats and generally lolls about on the back deck.  For some time now, he has helped himself to my neighbor's trash, bringing the best items back to my yard for a wildlife buffet.

On Monday, Pesky hit the mother lode: frozen carrots, which he carefully stored in a cubby in the tree.  I know the carrots aren't mine, because I don't buy bags of frozen veggies.  And I know they aren't JT's because he doesn't eat veggies, frozen or otherwise.  The cats don't store extra food in the it must be Pesky who is responsible for this development.

Though I felt bad about it, I cancelled Pesky's gravy train by collecting all of his trash and disposing of it.  Then I stood on the back deck and issued a stern warning to Pesky and his friends: no more garbage in my back yard.  In the chilly silence that followed, I'm pretty convinced that Pesky flipped me the bird.


Shark Butt said...

I've seen you get your stern on, can't believe Pesky flipped you off.

Paula said...

pesky was just minding his business...taking care of mama squirrel and the babies....he worked hard for those carrots...he should have flipped you off...he will now enter your attic and wreak havoc on your stored treasures...shame shame on you