Thursday, October 07, 2010

Aspirational Living

In the 5th grade, the students are learning how to write checks and balance a checkbook.  They've got a replica checkbook to do the work.  In his imaginary bank account as assigned by his math teacher, JT has $5,000.

This, of course, makes me want to enroll in the 5th grade.  Because God knows I've never had $5,000 in my checking account.  I guess that I should have gone to prep school.


Nichole said...

Oh my god! What are they fake-buying? That's a lot of money for silly band bracelets and toys that make farting noises.

word verification is: nation. How boring.

Michelle Saunderson said...

I agree, that is a lot of money. I hope they are teaching the kids exactly how much work it takes to earn $5000.