Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Real Life Conversations with KO: I Wanna Be Sedated edition

The backstory: My little sister does not enjoy flying.  Despite this, she's proposed flying east to celebrate my birthday in a few weeks.  She'll be on her own, flying red eye.  I was thrilled with the idea, though aware that she doesn't enjoy flying.  Thus the following conversation:

KO:  So I"m flying out there for your birthday.  You should think of some fun things we can do. 

Me:  Flying, huh?  You should get some Vitamin X (that's what I call Xanax) from Mom (our Mom also hates flying).

KO:  I don't need hers, I've got some of my own.

Me:  Damn.  Bring that.  Now our weekend plans are set.

Reality check:  We're neither of us big drinkers or users of narcotics, legal or otherwise.  So we'll be finding something else to do.  And I'm way, way excited at the prospect of KO in town to help count my gray hairs.

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Shark Butt said...

most excellent!