Thursday, October 21, 2010

Real Life Conversations at School: Dress Code edition

The backstory:  My school has a dress code.  Both the students and the adults are expected to abide by it.  Among other rules is a prohibition on jeans.  For some years, the prohibition only applied to blue jeans; black jeans were permitted.  Over the last few years, the students took advantage of the loophole, coming to school wearing grey jeans, white jeans, purple jeans…..pretty much any kind of jean which could be painted on.  This year, no jeans of any kind are permitted.  So it was that I had this conversation in the hallway.

Ms. Sassafras:  S, those look like jeans.

Student S:  They may be.

Ms. Sassafras:
  No jeans at school, S.

The comeback was quick.

Student S:  Okay, Ms. S.  But no sweatshirts either.  (Note: she's correct….no sweatshirts may be worn in school)

I was wearing a shirt made of knit fabric, with a hood and a zipper.  Suspiciously like a sweatshirt.  Touche, S.  Touche.

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