Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear Rupert Murdoch: Bite Me

JT and I live among the unlucky 3 million folks affected by the current News Corp - Cablevision dispute.  So, while Rupert Murdoch and the jackasses at Fox try and shake down the cable company (who's not totally guiltless, either), we suffer from a lack of Fox programming.  Though we don't watch a lot of TV, we do watch sports.  Specifically, we were all sorts of excited to watch the National League Division series.  But it airs on Fox and we haven't had Fox since last Saturday.


Our substitute plan is to watch the game via ESPN game cast.  Not bad, mind you, but nothing near as good as actually watching Cody Ross and Buster Posey at work (game cast provides details….lots of them, but no images).  And as the actual World Series approaches, JT has assumed a panicked attitude: what if Fox and Cablevision don't work things out before then?


And yet.

Yesterday, I discovered an easy, cheap solution to our troubles.  It seems that Major League Baseball will send you a satellite feed of all playoff games, including the World Series, for the bargain post-season price of $9.95.  You get the Fox or TBS broadcasters (depends on the game you are watching) and you choose the camera angles.  The images lag behind the audio, but by just a second.  We can still get the stats and counts details from ESPN and there's no adverts.  As solutions to our baseball viewing troubles go, it's a pretty good one.

Now we just need the Giants to win!

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