Monday, October 18, 2010


Upon his return from the school farm trip, JT presented my with a sack full of laundry.  As I sorted through the pile, I was struck again by the condition of his socks.

We go through a lot of socks around here and JT's can nearly always be found in a most deplorable condition.  They start off their term of service in our house as a snowy white bundle.  But in short order they look as if they've been worn for days by a cola miner digging through a tunnel of mud.

I do my best to bleach them into submission but after awhile I am forced to admit defeat.  The socks are still serviceable, of course, but they look dreadful, as if they are the possession of a street urchin with only one pair of socks to his name.

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Nichole said...

At least they can remain hidden in his non-urchinish shoes. :-) I buy my boys black socks to avoid the whole mess, but when I bought myself some black no-show socks to wear to the gym they ended up in Brody's drawer (I think) because they looked like his. The girls and I like pretty, stripey socks. Colby seems to never wear out his white socks probably because he spends most of the day in black trouser socks.