Saturday, October 02, 2010

Real Life Conversations with JT: Walking Wounded edition

The backstory:  This past week was a rough one for my boy.  On Tuesday, he had a little emergency tooth extraction.  On Wednesday, he took a spill in the driveway and scraped his elbow something fierce.  The bandaids we had on hand (High School Musical and Disney Princesses) were not sufficient for the cause.  So after supper we headed to the local drug store.

Mama: I think we'd better get the 10-pack.

JT:  Yeah, we'd better.  Who knows what other crazy things I might do this week?

I couldn't have said it any better myself.


Shark Butt said...

Very impressive wound, that.

Nichole said...

Please post a photo with the princess bandages. What that kid needs is just one more gay thing in his life. And that, my friend, is a joke. Soren wants all things Spiderman/Batman for her birthday this week and wants to be Justin Bieber for Halloween. That isn't a joke. ;-)