Tuesday, November 30, 2010


When my sister was visiting, she offered a hearty endorsement of Nordstrom's house brand undies.  I am involved in the perpetual search for perfect underwear (i.e, doesn't feel binding, never rides up, washes well, no panty lines) and so I paid attention to her rave review.

Over the past weekend, I decided to brave the crowds at the mall and head on over to Nordstrom.  I texted my sister for a reminder of the brand of undies I was looking for.  She said that they were called Shimera, which she explained is Nordstrom's-speak for "fancy ass."

And I'm nothing if not fancy-assed.  In my mind, of course, Shimera immediately became Chimera…..body of a lioness; ass like a goat….that sort of thing.   I managed not to blurt this out to the nice lady at Nordstrom when she pointed me in the direction of the miracle skivvies.

They are amazing, by the way, just as KO promised.  I'll need to sell my soul to buy some more.  But when I do, I'll be a fancy-assed Chimera.  Which sounds like some sort of discount super hero.

I could do worse.


Shark Butt said...

Fancy asseed, just add it to your list of super powers!

Nichole said...

Here's where a Too Much Information Moment seems oh so relevant: I like plain old, hipster-cut Fruit of the Loom. However, my hubby insists on drooling (in the store sometimes) over underwear and insists that I wear pretty panties. I don't get his whole underwear fetish thing because (like with people in general) it's what's inside that matters most to him. Haha. I hear that the popularity of Mad Men is bringing back the lacy granny panty. I can't wait to find myself the perfect pair!