Thursday, November 04, 2010

Harvest Complete

I've already noted that this year's garden season wasn't as impressive as in previous years.  For all that, the zinnias hung in for far longer than usual; I've had a bouquet of flowers every week since late July.  Sunday night we had frost and before it came, I picked the very last of my garden's produce.

The beets were a no-go and I didn't get nearly as many carrots as I'd like, though the green carrot tops from the final harvest made for an impressive mess in the sink.  At the end of the greens were dozens of little fingerling carrots. 
The carrots joined a last zinnia bouquet and the final lima bean harvest.  Tuesday night, we watched the World Series and I ate roasted carrots with my supper of apple, bread, and cheese.  JT demurred because 1) it wasn't baseball food and 2) he doesn't eat carrots (which is not to be confused with all the other vegetables he refuses to eat).
Later this fall, I'll pull out the rest of the dead plants and mix in some mulch and compost.  And soon enough, I'll collect my garden catalogs, tuck under a warm quilt, and start dreaming about next year's planting.

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