Saturday, November 27, 2010


A few months ago, I bought a soft red blanket that caught my eye.  I was already thinking about using the color in my living room, an extra blanket is always handy to have on hand, and it was $7.99 on the clearance rack at Target.  I call that a win-win proposition.  I first deployed the blanket at the foot of my bed, to protect my quilt from the cats. 

JT took an immediate liking to the blanket and he soon took to wrapping it around himself when he went to bed at night.  He gave it a name, called the blanket "my companion."  Since then, he's completely claimed the blanket for himself.  We don't even call it the red blanket; we call it Companion.  Mostly, it stays in his flannel nest, ready for the evening's sleep.

On Thanksgiving, he brought it downstairs for his marathon viewing of Mythbusters.  He stood before me, wrapped in Companion, and announced "Woot, woot.  Companion in the house."  Then he, Companion, and his feline companions, settled down to watch the telly.  This here is fine living, JT style.

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Nichole said...

Never forget who the blanket really belongs to: the cats.