Monday, November 08, 2010

Real Life Conversations with KO: Bed Bugs edition

My sister was in town this past weekend for a celebration of my advancing dotage (more on that later).  We were in the city on Friday and she and JT had their picture made with some shady curbside Elmo and Cookie Monster characters.  We'd had an earlier discussion whereby my sister repeated her husband's announcement that when she returned home he intended to hose her down in the garage so that she wouldn't bring bed bugs into the house.  I claimed that I was a tidy housekeeper and he needn't worry.  But perhaps I wasn't the risk?

Me:  Those stuffies are not Children's Television Workshop approved. 

KO:  No.

Me:  There's your bed bugs right there.  Should we call M now?

I believe that I sent her home bed bug free.  If not, I'm blaming sketchy Elmo and his pal.

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Nichole said...

I thought that was you with the boy and the Muppets! You must look just like your sister.