Monday, November 15, 2010

Household Style: Living Room part I

For my birthday and Christmas, my parents gave me the gift of furniture.  Specifically, new living room furniture.  So today's posting is about the things that are currently in the living room.  In the weeks ahead, I'll be writing about the changes coming in the room.
My house is a bungalow so there is no hallway and when you enter the the front door, you are in the living room. 
 The room is a rectangle, measuring about 24x14.  So it's spacious.  But the combination of windows (there are 3, including a large sliding glass window that looks out on the backyard) and door ways (three….one very large doorway to the dining room facing the  French doors which lead to the study and a third leading to the kitchen) and the immovable radiators, means that re-arranging is not likely.
The study flanks the living room to the west and is now JT's homework and computer room.  When the new furniture arrives, I'd like to put one of the living room chairs in there so that we can read and enjoy that room.

The current living room furniture is a denim sofa, chair and ottoman which are ten years old and somewhat worn out for their efforts (particularly the sofa).  In the corner by the stairs there is another chair that is even older (I bought it when I lived in Nashville).  Suffice it to say they've earned the right to be retired from service.
Later this week, I'll post more pictures of the room as it exists now and I'll outline the changes I've planned. 

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