Thursday, November 18, 2010

Household Style: Living Room, part II

On Monday, I started to write about the living room re-design underway in my house.

The walls are a light taupe that tends toward grey; it's neutral but not plain.  The floors are a golden oak and the woodwork in the living room (and all of downstairs) is walnut stained in a dark tone.  The room receives lots of light in the mornings; it's darker in the afternoon.  Even in the afternoons, however, the number of windows in the house ensures a good amount of natural light. 

The windows have wood blinds which match the woodwork and valence curtains in a cheery blue gingham.  They were made by my mom and she's agreed to make new ones, so those will be updated to coordinate with the new furniture and new color scheme.
The artwork currently in the room is a combination of World War I and II propaganda posters, a piece of linen embroidered by my grandmother, and family photos.  Most of the those photos are black and whites running up the stairway and hanging over a red storage bench that was a garage sale find a few years back.
The carpet on the floor is a red weave from Flor which I've had for more than three years (and which I still adore).  My goal is to construct a room around the carpet and the bench, both of which will remain.  The lamps and tables in the room will also stick around, as will the linen embroidered cloth.  The other artwork might be changed; the jury is still out on that.  I don't feel the need to paint the walls, as I still like the color very much, but I'm open to the prospect if necessary.  The colors at the heart of the new room are brown, dark red, cream, and brown.
The layout of the updated room will likely be the same as the current room.  For starters, that works just fine.  In addition, the room doesn't really lend itself to re-arranging.  The ottomans, which JT uses to sail across the living room (!) will be evicted.  One is likely headed to the study, with the dark blue chair.  The other may go to the playroom.  If I find any replacement ottomans, they will not have wheels, which is strongly opposed by JT but favored by the Mama for very obvious reasons.

The new sofa and two chairs have been ordered.  I've been looking at Waverly fabric and have settled on a pattern with dark red, cream, and brown for new window treatments and some pillow covers.  When the room comes together, I'll post new photos.  In the meantime, it's awfully pleasing to think about the changes that are coming!

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Nichole said...

Lucky! I'm sending lots of haterade your way because I am sooo hating on you right now. If you are ridding yourself of the patriotic artwork, I just happen to have a red, cream, and denim blue kitchen that would love some new art. Hint hint. :-)