Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Living Room Redesign: A Glimpse

As I wrote last week, I'm in the process of updating my living room.  A new color scheme has been selected and new furniture has been ordered.  My mom has been at work on the new window coverings.  With the decisions made, I'm just waiting for things to arrive.  I'm in a furniture holding pattern.

Until yesterday, when I arrived home to find the new chairs in two boxes on my front porch.

JT had a friend over and L was drafted to help unpack the chairs.  The boxes were opened and then dispatched to the front yard for recycling.
The new chairs were carried inside and placed in their assigned corners.
JT gave one a trial sit.  He reports that it passes with flying colors.
I've since taken off the protective covering, of course.  I'll wait until the room is complete before I unveil the furniture here.  But things are changing around Sassafras House.

Stay tuned!

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