Monday, December 06, 2010


Each year, I spend part of my Thanksgiving weekend filling the boxes in JT's advent calendar with tiny treats.  He loves this tradition and hustles out of bed on the cold December mornings to see the day's surprise.  Strictly speaking, the advent calendar serves as a combination alarm clock and incentive system: get up and you will be rewarded.  That sort of thing is handy to have on hand when his motivation to get up each morning slows.
This year, there are some tiny ghostly pirates in a few of the boxes.  There are notes offering larger packages (mostly containing Christmas ornaments…..he has a collection and enjoys adding to it), some chocolate coins, and the occasional dollar bill.
It's a lovely tradition, one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season.

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Nichole said...

Why not make one for yourself? You are just as deserving as the boy. :-)