Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Pretty Packages

Last week, I put my presents for California in the mail.  I mailed the packages on Tuesday and when I reached into the pocket of the coat I was wearing, I found the receipt for the 2009 mailing… happened just one day later than then 2010 mailing.  Confirmation that I am nothing if not predictable.  My sister reports that the package arrived last Friday, so that's happy.
Wrapping packages is something that I always enjoy.  I spend more time than I care to admit picking out the paper and ribbons I will use.  I plan ahead and set up all the supplies on my dining room table and then I am a wrapping machine.  I trust that the packages have been placed under KO's Christmas tree, which one hopes is well-guarded from the reach of her dog Murphy, who is known to be a holiday hazard.  And, if not, I used a lot of tape and knotted the bows.  Which might slow Murphy down for a minute or so.

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Shelley said...

Love these... and we'd just realized ourselves that taking pictures allows a serious wrapper that "have your cake & eat it, too" feeling long after the paper & ribbons have been shredded.