Monday, December 20, 2010

(Sort of) an Unveiling

The presence of our giant Christmas tree makes it impossible to truly see the redesigned living room.  I'll post complete pictures of the changes in January, when the tree has gone.  Still, most of the ingredients of the new room are on hand and it seems appropriate to post some pictures of the new sofa and chairs, both of which are very happy additions to our home.

The sofa is incredibly comfortable (and nothing quite reveals the sad state of the former sofa as a seat on the new one).
The chairs are just as comfortable and the brown and red color combination is quite pleasing.
When I come downstairs to the new living room each morning, it's a very nice room to behold.  But it can't compete with a seat on my comfy sofa at the end of a long day at work, which is heavenly.  This past weekend, I even enjoyed a little afternoon nap in the sofa's embrace.  I'm looking forward to many more of those catnaps in the weeks ahead.
Tiger and Lucy concur.

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Posh, in its poshness.