Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The other day, a salesman came by and invited me to install an alarm in Sassafras House.  His first line of sale was to invoke the name of a neighboring town where black people live.  When the race-baiting did not cause me to sign right up, he invoked the name of his alarm company's parent company and their responsible attitude toward finance: Goldman Sachs.

I stopped him before he moved on to some third Republican boogie man threatening my hearth and home, though I suspect he might have told me about the dangerous plots of the gays.  Or perhaps he would have warned me about the debt and how it's ruining our children's future?  Maybe he would have assured me that BP Oil owned his company and was at the ready to keep us secure.  Hard to say because I sent him on his way with the warning that we keep a rabid dog in the living room, just waiting to set upon thieves and liars.

Newt Gingrich, I'm talking to you.

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