Monday, May 02, 2011

Straight Outta Shenzhen

A few weeks ago, JT handed me his savings, I added some supplemental funds and we went ahead and bought an Apple ipad.  The local Apple store had none in stock, so we ordered it on-line and then eagerly checked the Apple website to watch the progress of our order.

Last weekend, we learned that his new friend was packed up and ready for Fed Ex.  On Monday, it got in line with the rest of the ipads and early Tuesday morning it left Shenzhen, China for a little overnight action on Lantau Island in  Hong Kong.   On Wednesday afternoon EST it left Hong Kong for Anchorage, Alaska where it passed through International Shipment clearance and was on a Fed Ex plane headed east by Thursday afternoon.  When we woke up Friday morning, it was in Newark and headed for Branchburg, New Jersey and the local delivery truck to our town.  At 11:45 am, the Fed Ex website reported that the ipad was on our front porch. 
I hurried home over the noon hour to bring it inside. 
But for a small break to play a little Little League game, it's been in JT's hands ever since.   He's already an accomplished Fruit Ninja and those Angry Birds should watch out.

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