Sunday, May 01, 2011

May 1: Clematis Vine

I awakened this morning to a glorious spring day, the third in a row.   I fired up my mower yesterday (that alone was something of a minor miracle as the mower is quite elderly) and I cut the grass.  I always enjoy mowing because I get the chance to see nooks and crannies of my the yard and things looks so fresh at this time of year.  The dwarf fruit trees are coming along nicely; there's a happy row of volunteer carrots to go with the onions in the garden.  The lilac is in it's full glory and my iris blooms are looking lovely.

But it's May 1st and we're here for the clematis vine, which has enjoyed a fine month of April and is alive and hard at work.
The clematis has grown more in this past month than all of last summer (a result of last year's drought, I believe), so I'm pretty excited about the summer to come.

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Nichole said...

Our vine is looking great, too. I need to get like a hundred of these things because they grow like crazy.