Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Footwear

It's been a week for screwing up.  So it was this morning, when I was forced to send the following e-mail about my out-of-dress code footwear to my boss:

I wear flip flops around the house and then switch into grown-up shoes before I leave for school.  This morning I failed to make the switch.......a fact I realized when I was halfway to school and caught said flip-flop on the clutch.   I'd ask my mom to call in and excuse me, but she's in France.  So I must beg special dispensation for the day.  Unless you can see fit to send me home, in which case, I'd owe you one.

I promise to remain penitent for the day.

Yours in footwear malfunction,


Note that I did not call them thongs, which means a whole other things these days.  And let it also be noted that my new flip flops rock (thanks, KO!).

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