Saturday, May 21, 2011

Real Life Conversations with JT: Math Facts edition

The backstory: We were driving home from school, discussing the car and its pesky problem. I pointed out that our car is seven years old and therefore entitled to have some problems.  JT announced that we'd had the car forever, since he was "a little kid."

Mama: It's not been that long.

JT: I was four when we got this car.

Mama: No, you couldn't have been four when we got it.

JT: Mama, the car is 7 years old and I'm eleven (under his breath) and I'm the one who had to retake the math test?

As my 4th grade teacher could certainly testify, I was always a tad sketchy on my math facts.

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Shark Butt said...

He does have that comic timing like his mama.