Monday, May 16, 2011


It's not officially spring until JT and I find time to attend one of the carnivals that dots our area as the new blossoms and warm weather make themselves known.  In late April, thanks to cold rain, a tricky car, and general exhaustion, we missed the first carnival in our area.

But last Thursday night after baseball practice we headed over to the St. Mathias carnival for a walk through the fun house, a ride on the ferris wheel, and some carnival cuisine (e.g., funnel cake). 

As the months and years fly by,  I'm increasingly aware that my little boy has quickly been replaced by a bigger boy.  I fear that a teenager who is less keen for his mama's company is sure to follow.  But on Thursday, as we waded through the crowds to get in line for the ferris wheel, I thought of the way this carnival has become a yearly tradition for us, of the happy conversations we have as the ferris wheel rises high above the crowd, of the ways in which the two of us are a team in this world.
 Together, we have a store of happy memories of our carnival tradition.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate spring with my boy.

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