Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Real Life Conversations at School: Things I Didn't Say edition

The backstory: My school has a rotating schedule and classes don't meet every day of the week.  So, though we have 7 possible periods in the schedule, only 5 meet each day.  Right before midterm exams (next week), we have two days in which all 7 periods meet.  Near as I can tell, no one looks forward to these days.

Me:  Don't forget that we meet both Thursday and Friday this week.

Student X:  I hate that schedule.  Every teacher will assign homework and we'll have more homework than ever.

The student who made that comment regularly opts out of submitting homework for my class and so here's what I wanted to say (but didn't…though it took all my powers of self control).

Me: You never turn in homework for my class anyway, so why does that matter?

Instead, I paused and then diplomatically noted that it will be a busy couple of days for all of us.  I am such a grown up.

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