Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yesterday and today the weather around here has been stunningly lovely.  Whereas late February typically brings cold (and sometimes cold's best friends ice and snow), we've instead had some very mild days.  Temps today will likely top out in the low 60s; there is sun and blue skies and just a few clouds skidding by my window.  Though I've not really earned this blessing, I am practically giddy at its development.

We've not required a snow day at all this year so I find myself longing for the opposite: a good weather day.  As in: hey, y'all, stay home from school today because the weather is nice.  This sort of thinking may be charming, of course.  But it also explains why I'll never be management material.

Update: As of Friday morning, there is a cold rain falling and the forecast high is in the mid-40s. So Winter isn't quite yet done with us.


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