Thursday, February 02, 2012

Meanwhile, Back at the Country Store

I've written before of the largesse of the country store in T's town.  The place is a veritable wonderland and though it seems small from the outside, when you enter the building some sort of seam in the universe opens up and all that you could ever desire is suddenly stacked up on the shelves.

Happily, much that you don't desire is also available, as T found out when she located these pet items on the back shelf.
 They are just the sort of thing to especially delight me…the former Governator of California in pet chew toy form.  You can have a suited Arnold, complete with inappropriate tie.
Or the Terminator Arnold.
Both come with a complete treatise of nonsense on the back of the package.
As it turns out, I merely wished for photos of them.  I'm sure that Schwarzenegger won't take it personally.

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