Monday, July 09, 2012


Since he was 6 years old, JT and I have headed to Cape Cod in July.  We camp (outside! in a tent!) and relax with our friends the R-K family, enjoying the outdoors and the pleasures of an unplugged life.  It is a much-anticipated trip and JT's favorite part of the summer.  The supplies have been stacked up in the living room for the past week as we prepare for our adventure.  
This morning we loaded the last of our stuff into the car (no one wants to be without Cheetohs out in the wild, 4 miles from a grocery store) and we are headed north.  Posting will be a bit lighter while we ride our bikes, dip our toes in the ocean, and explore our favorite spots in the piney forest.   Ahhhh, summer.

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Nichole said...

You are a brave, brave soul. Happy camping!