Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Keen Style

In 2006, on our first camping trip with the R-K family, I admired their awesome Keen sandals.  By the end of the trip, JT and I had scored pairs for ourselves.  Since then, Keen sandals have been a staple in our camp packing list.  I am a Keen devotee for daily life as well, but it's at camp that the Keen shoes really deliver.  They are comfortable, sturdy (good for bike riding and walking in the piney woods), and waterproof.  When we get home from camp, I toss them in the dishwasher and they are right as rain afterward.

When I say these sandals are durable, I mean it.  In 2009, we took a group Keen sandals photo shot. 
This year, we did it again. The boys have new pairs, but that's only because their feet are growing.  S and I are wearing the same pair we had on in 2009 and this year TR got in on the photo action.  If these sandals could talk, they'd report on a whole lot of summer adventures. 
That's happy!

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