Sunday, July 01, 2012

July 1: Front Yard Flowerbed

If I were a better gardener, I'd have gotten out to weed this flowerbed in preparation for the 1st of the month photo.  Alas, it's way to hot for me to be weeding, a chore I don't always enjoy when the weather is perfect.  Plus, I'd hate to present an idealized version of life here at Sassafras House, which does in fact feature weeds in the flowerbeds.  It's been unusually hot and things are starting to show a bit of summer wear.  Even so, the flowerbed is still pretty lush.
The white blooms are on a rose of Sharon tree that usually blooms in August.  The early spring and the early summer heat have clearly had an effect on things and we've got flower blooms a month early.
The hostas have also bloomed a little earlier than usual, once again thanks to the early summer.
The glads are coming along and should give me some nice flower stalks within the next month.  I'll have to trim up the hedges and rose of Sharon before winter, lest I be in danger of running a Boo Radley operation around here.  Still, in both the morning sun and the evening twilight, this is one my favorite spots to admire.

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