Monday, July 30, 2012

Vocabulary with T: Befouled

It wouldn't feel right to end the month without a little vocabulary from T to make July complete.  This month's word is one of the first I added to my vocab with T list and it's grown to be a favorite of mine: befouled.

Strictly speaking, T didn't invent the word befouled.  It's in her deployment of befouled that she has painted it with a glory befouled couldn't have otherwise dreamt of.    Messes in T's world aren't average, they are befouled.  Bathrooms in public places are often declared befouled (and let's be honest, they are often befouled).  My cats befoul things.  Her much-adored sugar glider,  Zip, has been accused of befouling his cage.  The boy's playroom?  Befouled.

One thing is certain….when befouled is deployed there can be little confusion about how T feels about the mess at hand.   Sure, befouled is a tad dramatic.  But it gets the point across, doesn't it?

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