Sunday, April 07, 2013

99 Problems, But Music Ain't One of 'Em

For some time now, JT has enjoyed music.  I'd make playlists for us to listen to in the car and he'd share some of my favorite songs.  He'd makes playlists of his own from my music and listen to those on his iPod.  We'd talk about the songs we both liked and I have many memories of songs he has loved to sing with me.

All of this came to an abrupt halt about two months ago when he discovered rap.  Other than the occasional Jay-Z or Eminem song, I'm not a fan of rap.  So my boy remained blissfully unaware of the genre.  Then something happened (that something is called turning 13) and he began to request rap songs.  I made my preference clear:  we shall never speak of those songs and those words and the insults to women shall not ever be repeated by JT without dire consequences.  Then, like the fan of the freedom and the first amendment that I am, I allowed JT to spend his own money on rap music.

Once Lil'Wayne got hold of him, our mutual music listening time seemed lost.  I figured this was temporary, but I still missed being able to share music with JT.  Then, the weekend that T got her new car, JT got hold of her iPod and discovered the joys of Heavy Metal: AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Def Leppard and more are now in his world of inexcusable music.

It is not lost on me that when I was in the 7th grade I too had a now inexplicable fondness for AC/DC.  The other day I made a playlist of this nonsense, mostly so that we could listen to music together every once in a while.  So if you see a middle-aged woman behind the wheel of a blue station wagon rolling down the interstate, know that it's me and my kid .  There's no speed limit and yes, thank you very much, we are on the highway to Hell.

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Kristin Heimerdinger said...

Martin is concerned about your lack of musical knowledge. Every self respecting person who lived through the 80s knows that it's "Def Leppard", not "Leopard". He wants to know if you also listen to The Beetles?