Monday, April 29, 2013

Dogwoods, Tulips, and the Glory of Spring: Week 7

This week's dogwood and tulip postings will once-again be condensed into one posting of Spring beauty. And things are shaping up to be quite lovely around here.
Growing up in California, the oft-uttered phrase, "April showers bring May flowers" didn't really make much sense to me.  Our spring was in March and by April things were in full bloom.  May brought heat and pool-weather, not the first bloom of flowers.

This year, our New Jersey spring has been a slow, cold affair.  It's also been dry, further slowing the progression of blooms.  Even so, blooms and blossoms have begun to take hold in my corner of the state.  The dogwood is in on the action with the crisp white flowers that make the tree so splendid in the Spring.
My collections of tulip patches have grown.  The yellow flowers in the front yard are fully open and feature a showy streak of red.
In the backyard are some tall, elegant dark pink tulips.  
There is some rain in today's forecast and if today's April showers are followed  by warmth then Spring's glory will be everywhere come May.   That's happy!

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