Thursday, April 25, 2013

Patriarchy Fights Back

I often joke that giving birth to a son was my strike against patriarchy.  Boys raised by feminists are the best revenge.  But, twice a year without fail, patriarchy has the last laugh in the form of a neck tie that must be tied around JT's neck.

The occasion for ties is the twice-a-year school choir concert and though I've planned ahead enough to have a tie, I'm always taken unawares at 6:30 pm, when it's time to go, and a tie must be tied.  Typically, I select that moment to lose my cool and aggressively suggest to JT that this problem is his to solve.  

A cooler head eventually prevails, brought about by the soothing voice of the nice man at, who patiently talks me through a four-in-hand knot.  Thus clad, we make our way to the concert, and patriarchy enjoys a well-deserved chuckle at my expense.  

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