Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tulip Wednesday: Week 5

The smell of Spring is in the air.  I've slept with windows open for the last few nights and awakened to chirping birds.  Everywhere I go, there are daffodils in bloom.  My own daffodils are partially bloomed and the tulips aren't far behind.  The collection next to the house is in a lot of shade for most of the day but the flower stems grow taller each day.
I planted another circle of tulips in a strip of sunny grass in the front yard and those are also thinking about blooming.
I check out my flower bulbs every day, breathing in the smell and hope of Spring, reminding myself to embrace the people I love because life, like the tulip season, is awfully short.

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Nichole said...

Spring in Nebraska has been so strange. I noticed some bulbs sprouting right around my birthday a few weeks ago, but it seems like everything has sort of paused because of the cold. Nothing is really growing like crazy, sadly. Colby said the talk around his office is the delayed planting season because of the snow and now rain.I guess the farmers don't want their tractors to sink in the mud...