Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Late Breaking Spring: Dogwood and Tulips, Week 6

Much like the Spring warmth, for which we continue to wait, I am behind with this week's dogwood post.  Understandably, as we have given over some days to just being and remembering a good friend.   Spring seems to have made a pause of its own in the last few days as the weather has been cool yet again.  Despite the lingering chill in the air, the dogwood went ahead and bloomed.  I was so grateful to see these cheerful flowers.
In the front yard, there are stately yellow daffodils now turning their blooms to the sun.
More blooms and blossoms will yet come, as we march ever-so-slowly toward lush green trees and warm days.

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Nichole said...

Your house is so pretty. :-)