Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Tulip Wednesday: Week 3

Five months ago, I put dozens of flower bulbs in the ground.  Ideally, each of them would bloom into a spring flower.  Reality is a bit less abundant: a certain amount of bulbs must be sacrificed to squirrels.  I planted so many bulbs in the ground last fall I can't remember where they were all planted.  At some point last week, walking across the yard I caught sight of a stick in the soil and idly wondered why it was there.  A few days later, a realization struck: that stick was stuck there by me to mark some bulbs.  These bulbs seem to have escaped the squirrel rampage and have started to emerge.
Tulips aplenty dot my flowerbeds.  I check their progress daily.
One of the reasons that I like to garden is that it reminds me to be patient and to acknowledge the things I cannot control.  Flower bulbs are a case in point:  I plant and fertilize them in the fall and then, several months later, beautiful flowers emerge from the soil to award my waiting heart.  Not all of life can be that neat and tidy, but my garden brings that gift every year.

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