Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Big Pine

For as long as I have lived in Sassafras House — and we’re coming up on 10 years here — my neighbors have had a large pine tree in their front yard.  

It’s always been sturdy and lovely though its size and proximity to both our houses as well as the power lines that extend to my home have made me nervous when big storms roll in and the large branches sway.

The pine needles and occasional drops of sap on cars in my driveway has also been a source of annoyance.  Last week, my neighbors decided it was time for the tree to come down.  I made pictures of big pine that morning and in the afternoon we returned home to a whole different view.

All that remains is the strong smell of pine from the remains of the ground stump.  I’m getting used to the changed landscape and view; I won’t miss the pine needles or the twinges of anxiety when Nor’easters blow in.

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