Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Real Life Conversations at School: Cyber Security edition

The backstory:  I’ve a colleague who is a dad-on-his own with two kids: G, a clever 1st grader, and P, a handful of a three year old, also known in our hallways as Baby Hot Sauce, a name that nicely conveys the whirlwind that is P.  I see them often, storming the halls of the Middle School on their way to their Lower School classrooms and generally wreaking havoc as 3 and 7 year olds are wont to do.  I find them charming.  Yesterday, they were in their car seats and ready to roll out for the evening when their dad realized he needed a ruler for G’s homework.  He ran back inside to fetch the ruler and I kept watch of P and her brother.  I leaned into the car and we talked.

Me:  How was your day?

G:  Good (involved with some toy and not all that interested in me).

P:  Good (playing with an outdated cell phone and plenty willing to chat).

Me:  Who do you talk to on your phone, P?

P:  My dad.  My mom.  You.  (Note that P and I don’t talk on the phone with one another).

Me:  Oh yeah?  What do you talk about?

P (looks at me intently):  What’s your password?

The NSA has some competition from Baby Hot Sauce.  And the safe money is on Agent BHS.

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