Thursday, April 23, 2015

Your Weekly Spring Bulbs: Week 6

The post should more appropriately be titled “Stop and Admire the Flowers” because lately my days have been crazy busy.  The few minutes when I make my daily walk of the flowerbeds in my garden is increasingly welcome because it is sometimes the only quiet moment in my day.   A brief pause to step out of my frantic brain to admire nature is a welcome reminder of what really matters.  

Things are coming along nicely, as these dogwood blooms illustrate.

In the backyard, the daffodils are fading but the hostas are exploding alongside pink tulips, tall sentinels of growing things to come.

My little peach tree has begun to bloom.

In the front yard, more tulips are on their way.

My peony has shot up a few shoots and has begun to seek warmth and light.

Things are more lovely each day and that’s a happy way to face a very busy time of year.

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