Thursday, April 30, 2015

Your Weekly Spring Bulbs: Week 7

If there were an alternate title for this post, it would be Peak Tulip.  

Two weeks ago, on a warm, sunny Saturday, I declared that New jersey had achieved Peak Daffodil.  Everywhere I went that weekend, there were beautiful clumps of daffodils swaying in the sunlight.  It was lovely.  Today, I am prepared to report that we are closing in on Peak Tulip.  

In my neighborhood and yard, bulbs have begun; there are more to arrive in the next week.  Other plants are also on the move.  My peony has doubled its size in the last week alone.

The fruit trees in my back yard have lovely delicate flowers and there is a haze of green on the trees in the woods around me.  Last night I slept with my windows wide open.  Spring is here, with mild days, shoots of green, the smell of blooms, and chirping songbirds.   

That’s a beautiful, glorious thing.

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