Monday, April 06, 2015

Stepping Up

My unfortunate affection for puns ensured that an abundance of titles optioned for this posting:  Step in Time; Stepping Out; In Step; Step and Fetch-It….

I settled on “Stepping Up” because of the significant improvement the repaired steps bring to our daily life.  Winter’s cold and the truckload of salt required to keep the front steps and walk from being a daily ice hazard took their toll on the front steps at my house.  I noticed a loose brick in January and during Spring Break I sought to use some mortar to fix things.  As soon as I swept the loose step clean, it became clear that an easy repair was not an option.

This may not look all that bad but underneath was a greater problem.

I needed a mason.  Not only did I find one, I found a good one with the willingness to tackle this job in a timely fashion.  Score!  In short order, we were back in business.

This isn’t just a surface repair; the underbelly of the steps is now on very solid footing.

Just in time for Spring, the steps are looking spruced up.

It’s a step up for Sassafras House.  Pun intended.

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