Monday, April 27, 2015

The View from Here

When I first began to consider a professional move to the Middle School, one of my immediate concerns was my daily view.  At the time, my second floor classroom had an expansive view of the center of campus and I could see the river and watch the trees as they made their seasonal changes.  It was an important part of my world and I was reluctant to give it up.

In the end, I made the change to the Middle School with assurance that I would have a window in my office.  The view would be different, but there would still be trees in my daily sight.  As it turns out, there are trees behind me.

And the open door to my office also affords a view down the hallways, this one to the trees and river that sit to the immediate east of the school.

I’m not at the desk all that often during the school day, but when I’m there the view is lovely.  In the early mornings before school and the afternoons, I’ve an expanse to admire.  In so many other ways, this job is a whole new view of school and the children in my care, who now number every middle schooler in the halls.  When I first took the job, the principal told me that Middle School is different every day.  Kids this age are an adventure on a whole new magnitude; a new view of how school plays out in the lives of children.

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