Thursday, April 16, 2015

Your Weekly Spring Bulbs: Week 5

Slowly but surely, the blooms of our Spring are arriving in my corner of New Jersey.  Lawns are beginning to turn brighter and trees are at work ginning up some lovely blooms and leaves.  I see plenty of cheerful daffodils in my daily travels and there are some in my backyard, in a space that gets lots of sunlight.

My front yard faces north and flowers in those flowerbeds are slow to bloom.  The first progress comes in the flowerbed that gets some western sun.  There are two brave daffodils leading the way in the west-facing flowerbed.

In the eastern-facing front yard flowerbed, a patch of crocuses came first. 

The rest of the tulips and daffodils are taking their own sweet time.  

But time is on my side and these beauties are worth the wait.

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