Thursday, October 22, 2015

Adventures in Home Repair: Flushed with Success edition

On Sunday evening, as the weekend was coming to a close, JT announced that the upstairs toilet no longer flushed.  The handle had broken off the lever inside the toilet, resulting in cracked plastic arm and a failing flush mechanism.  This is generally an easy thing to repair but not at 9 pm on a Sunday.  I removed the toilet lid and announced that we would gently use the cracked arm to flush the toilet, a reasonable plan until I could find time to get to Home Depot and secure the supplies to repair the toilet.

On Monday and Tuesday, I watched toilet repair videos on You Tube and got a plan.  It still involved weekend repair of the toilet because weekdays are already busy around here.  But on Tuesday, the gentle giant who shares the bathroom with me broke the plastic arm off while flushing the toilet.  

I was annoyed and rather than wait for the weekend, I made an 8 pm run to Home Depot.  Thanks to the toilet repair videos, I was feeling knowledgable about what needed to be done.


The first toilet repair kit had a bolt I could not remove, despite instructions on the package ordering me to do just that.  It was now nearly 9 pm and to say that I was enraged is to understate the situation.  I emphatically do not enjoy being unable to solve a problem.  JT backed away from me; T offered to come over and effect the repair.  The cats steered clear. 

My first toilet repair plan was flushed away.

On Wednesday, I made a second trip to Home Depot, returned the poor functioning toilet repair kit, and selected a new repair kit.  This one was a success.

We are once again in business and as for me, well, I’m flushed by my success.

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